What is Hypnosis?

Since launching the Rapid Transformational Therapy / RTT, which is heavily based upon hypnosis, I have had a lot of questions asking me what hypnosis is.

Now, hypnosis is something we’ve all heard of, but I am sure few of us actually know what it is.

Maybe it has been portrayed as a magic, as woo woo, as a hippie guy in his caravan with a pendulum swing telling you to ‘look into my eyes, look into my eyes…..’

But no, in terms of how I use hypnosis within RTT, hypnosis is simply a way to relax you.

It is not magic, it is not woo woo, it is a science.

It allows you to drop into a deeply relaxed state, where the conscious mind goes to sleep and the subconscious mind is wide-awake.

In this state, you become extremely suggestible.

And so I will give you a range of suggestions, depending on the specific problem we are working with, in order to create new patterns of thought.

But you will not feel any out of body, weird, crazy experience. You will just feel deeply, deeply relaxed. This is why it goes so well with the yoga, as a deep yoga practice can have similar effects.

And with the subconscious mind wide awake, it is easier to get to the route cause of whatever problems you are facing.

Things start to come up, that perhaps you have brushed under the carpet for so many years and completely forgotten about.

And once we’ve got to the route cause of the problem, I will then read a 10-20 minute script to you. This will be an extremely powerful, descriptive and repetitive script to help you overcome the problem. This part of the session is recorded and you will listen to this recording for 21 days, in the hope that after those 21 days you will be free.

I cannot recommend this powerful, transformative method enough!

Rapid Transformational Therapy is also based upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP and psychosis.

Take a look through my website to see what I offer and contact me if you would like to book in for a 15 minute consultation.

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