I Am Enough: The Importance of these 3 words

Are you away of the importance of these 3 words: I AM ENOUGH?

Well, I want you to say in your mind I AM ENOUGH.
Now I want you to say out loud I AM ENOUGH.

I AM ENOUGH, the 3 words that will change your life.

How does that make you feel? Does it make you cringe? Squirm? Feel uncomfortable? Or does it make you feel empowered? Strong? Connected? Well, all of the above feelings are normal and expected.

These three simple words, are probably the most important words you can say to yourself, every single day, and many, many times a day.

From previous content I have shared how our THOUGHTS affect our ACTIONS. So we must change our THOUGHTS in order to change any unhealthy actions or behaviour in our life.
And we have 60-80,000 thoughts a day.
I imagine for many of us, a big percentage of those thoughts are very self sabotaging: I can’t do that, I’m not good enough for that, I’m not clever enough, I’m not working hard enough, I haven’t achieved enough, she’s better than me, he’s better than me and it goes on and on and on…
But if we change this, so that a big percentage of those thoughts are positive and being kind to ourselves, imagine how much this would shift our actions and behaviours.

The Power of Our Thoughts in relation to I AM ENOUGH

I promise you, if you think I AM ENOUGH, enough times, you may actually start to believe it. And once you start to believe it, you will become it. You will become enough, not just for yourself but for everyone else around you. And once you believe you are enough you really can do anything!
So try replacing the self-sabotaging thoughts with I AM ENOUGH. Catch yourself when you start to engage in negative thinking and just keep repeating to yourself: I AM ENOUGH.

So, my lovely readers, for a 3-week period, I invite you to replace these self sabotaging thoughts with I AM ENOUGH and see the effects of it. Trust me, magic will happen. These 3 words: I AM ENOUGH, are so important and they will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

If this is something that really interests you and hits a spot, then one of the main focuses when giving Rapid Transformational Therapy to my clients is helping them to feel completely and utterly enough, just as they are. Regardless of their past, their current situation and their future goals.
If you would like more information on this, please contact me for a consultation to see if this is something that may work for you.

I AM ENOUGH: it’s importance in Rapid Transformational Therapy

P.S. now that I understand how important this is, it is something I have been working with on a personal level for many months. So now I have I AM ENOUGH written on all my mirrors in my bedroom and bathroom, on my background on my phone, laptop and printed in a frame as artwork. And finally I understand the importance of these three words: I Am Enough.
It is EVERYWHERE so I am constantly reminding myself that I Am Enough.
Because I am.
And so are you.

I Am Enough written all over my room, to remind myself every single day, the importance of these 3 words. It is therapy for me <3

As always, if this is something you think any friends / family may benefit from then please share this with as many people as possible! <3

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