I Am Enough Workshop

The first I Am Enough Workshop, at the beautiful studio Milo and the Bull in Clapham Junction was a HUGE success.

It was an honour to lead the ladies who attended the I Am Enough workshop through a powerful and transformative workshop. I carefully created this workshop combining my skills as a yoga teacher and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. The two wellness practices go hand in hand together!

The theme of the workshop was centered around I Am Enough. Through my studies and through my personal struggles, I believe that once we start believing I Am Enough, we can overcome all of our anxieties, fears, lack of confidence etc. Once we start believing I Am Enough, we can do anything.

Outline of the I Am Enough Workshop

I Am Enough Yoga Workshop in London, Yoga, Mindset and Hypnosis workshop with the theme I AM ENOUGH

So in this I Am Enough workshop we begun with a mindset discussion. In this there are some hands on exercises to get us really thinking about where in our lives we lack this feeling of being enough. We all lack in this feeling somewhere. Whether it is not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, clever enough, funny enough etc. So each person figured out what their most important I Am not Enough was to them, to work with for the rest of the session. With the aim to free themselves from not being enough, to being enough.

Yoga and Hypnosis

After this we practiced a slow flow yoga class, to feed and nourish the body. Focusing on feeling the sensations to get out of our heads. Most of us in our daily lives live in our heads, constantly going from one thought to the next. So the purpose of this class was to get OUT OF THE HEAD and INTO THE BODY.
And then straight from the yoga practice we went into a group hypnosis session. Here I use powerful and descriptive words all around the idea I Am Enough.

The Rules of the Mind workshop to help people feel ENOUGH, I AM ENOUGH WORKSHOP
Yoga Practice followed by group hypnosis session to leave clients feeling I AM ENOUGH

The hypnosis straight after a yoga practice worked SO well because you are already in a deeply relaxed state. Then the hypnosis only takes you deeper into this state of relaxation. Being hypnotised in a group is also very powerful, as you feel the energy of everyone else in the room around you.

Finally, I gave out goody bags to all the lovely ladies who came, filled with all things to do with I Am Enough and self love. Brands like Space NK, Holland and Barratt kindly helped with this. The next goody bags are set to be even bigger and better!

i am enough display

It was an amazing, amazing, AMAZING workshop and I highly recommend you attending the next one.
To book on please click here, or for more information please contact me.

P.S. you are enough!!! <3

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