My Therapy approach

The predominant of what I offer is based on Rapid Transformational Therapy / RTT. This method offers outstanding results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and CBT.
Developed by Marisa Peer, it has been awarded and recognised as one of the most effective forms of therapy for lasting, permanent results.
Using hypnosis, this therapy cleverly gets to the root cause of the presenting problem by awakening the subconscious mind. Most of the unhealthy thoughts and beliefs we have about ourself and about the world live in our subconscious mind.

Why is Rapid Transformational Therapy so effective?

The way RTT offers such incredible results is by:
1) Unravelling the root cause of a problem or issue (the underlying thoughts and beliefs)
2) Recoding, rewiring, reframing these thoughts
to ultimately transform your mindset.

Rather than the more traditional therapy approach, Rapid Transformational Therapy quickly gets to the cause of an issue, rather than just treating the symptoms.

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The power of your words and thoughts

At the crux of my work is learning about the power of our thoughts and the words we use to speak to ourselves. Our thoughts lead to our beliefs which lead to our behaviours.
If we have something in our life we want to stop, change or overcome, we must look at what thought is underlying that habit of action.

Every habit of action is run by a habit of thought

Every single unhealthy habit of action you have in your life – anxiety, self criticism, addiction, lack of confidence, phobia, even nail biting, is run by an unhealthy habit of thought.
So to change the ACTION we must change the THOUGHTS.
Without changing the thought, we cannot change the action.
And it is through this that creates lasting, more permanent results.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a science.
It is a state of deep relaxation, the mind goes into alpha brain wave mode, which awakens the subconscious mind.
So, through hypnotherapy we awaken your subconscious mind to allow scenes or events from childhood to arise, which then reveal the underlying cause of the problem.

The power of the subconscious mind

Rapid Transformational Therapy: the power of the subconscious mind in Hypnotherapy.
Conscious vs Subconscious mind

Most of our thoughts and beliefs about ourself and the world, live in our subconscious mind, especially the unhealthy ones. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten or suppressed them out of our conscious awareness and into the subconscious mind.
It is these thoughts that affect us on a day-to-day basis.
It is these thoughts that are governing our lives.
It is these thoughts that are leading to any unwanted / unhealthy / unhelpful habits.
And it is these thoughts that we must change.

Early scenes or events in our life as a young child, significantly impact the way we think, feel and believe, today as adults.

But by awakening the subconscious mind, these thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we have formed from a young age are revealed. Thus, we get to the root cause of the issue. This gives you a deep sense of clarity and understanding around what is holding you back and how, why, where and when it got this.

Once we understand this, we are able to fix and rapidly transform it.

You can’t fix what you don’t understand!

Understanding is power, and understanding is freeing and liberating.

You simply cannot fix what you don’t understand. Rather than just treating the symptoms, I’ll help you to rapidly reveals the root cause of the presenting problem. Determining WHAT, HOW, WHY, WHERE and WHEN it came about in the first place.
And it is this that gives you a deep understanding into what is going on.

We will use regression, a powerful tool where we go back to past scenes or events that happened to us earlier on in our life. It is these scenes / events that have led to the way we currently think, believe and behave.

After gaining an understanding, we go to the next phase of healing: transformation.
This comes about by replacing old, unhealthy thoughts and beliefs with new, powerful, positive ones.
You are provided with a 15-20 minute recording, designed specifically around what you want and need to hear, which you will listen to every single day, for 21 days.

It takes 21 days to overcome a bad habit, it takes 21 days to recode, rewire and reframe these old beliefs with brand new ones. During this time you will experience massive inner shifts and transformation.

Who is my therapy good for?

Really, it works for every single physical, mental or emotional disorder, because it treats the underlying thoughts behind it.

I have treated many, many clients with a range of issues: eating disorders, weight loss, quitting smoking, procrastination, lack of self confidence, unhealthy relationships, fear of heights, anxiety, depression and much more.

The nature and severity of the presenting issue will depend how many sessions you will need. However, because my method is so powerful and effective, it will be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3.

Most clients will come to me as a last resort – they have tried every single other form of therapy: counseling, psychotherapy, life coaching, CBT, but it just hasn’t worked. They are ready and willing to make the changes they need to make. The results I get are truly magical.

I have created various different offerings and programmes around this, combining elements of CBT, life coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy method to give you exactly what you need – freedom.

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