About Rapid Transformational Therapy

After graduating from the University of Exeter with a Psychology degree, I contemplated various different ways to continue my studies and pursue a career in this field. As soon as I came across an incredibly powerful method, based on Hypnosis called Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT. I am now a Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Rapid Transformational Therapist: The Marisa Peer School

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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT?

RTT is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is developed by one of my absolute favourite Psychologists, Marisa Peer.
This method is predominantly hypnotherapy based.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is science, it is defined as “a state of consciousness. A reduced peripheral awareness characterised by an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion,” (APA, 2014).

Therefore it is a state of deep full body relaxation. It is a technique used to awaken the subconscious mind in order to unlock the route cause of any problems you might be facing. For example an addiction to smoking, lack of self love, fear of public speaking, not feeling enough etc.

It is such a transformative and effective method because it gets to the absolute route cause of the problem at hand.

And once you really understand what the cause of the problem at hand is, it is SO much easier to then do the work to overcome it.

Rapid Transformational Therapy Session with me

A Rapid Transformational Therapy Session with me will typically involve:
– A pre consultation forms in order to understand what problem you want to work on.
– Deep, powerful, guided hypnosis to put you into a suggestible state so that I can give you some brand new suggestions to work with to help you overcome the problem.
– In this hypnotic state we will also regress back to scenes / events, which reveal the underlying cause of the problem.
– Transforming the problem by listening to a powerful, pervasive script in a hypnotic state. This script will be recorded and you will listen to it every single day for 21 days consecutively.

21 days to over come a bad habit in Rapid Transformational Therapy

The idea behind listening to the recording for 21 days consecutively, is that it takes 21 days to OVERCOME a bad habit. And so at the end of these 21 days you will have created brand new pathways in your brain, brand new habits of thinking and therefore brand new habits of actions. At the end of these 21 days you will be FREE of the problem you originally presented with.
Of course, I cannot make any guarantees, but I have complete and utter confidence that if you dedicate yourself to listening to the recording there will be huge, powerful and incredible shifts.

My personal experience of Rapid Transformational Therapy

In just ONE Rapid Transformational Therapy session I completely rid myself of my emotional relationship to food. It is something I was dealing with for years. It left me feeling completely free. I cannot express enough how life changing this method is.
Feel free to contact me or ask any questions about my personal experience and battles, I am more than happy to talk.

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