Podcast Season 2, Episode 3: The Power of Your Breath with Jamie Clements


After studying Psychology at the University of Exeter, I was fascinated and passionate about the mind and how it works.

But of course the mind is inextricably linked to the body, you cannot look at one without looking at the other. So my work comes from a very holistic perspective, incorporating both mind (therapy) and body (yoga) practices to help you heal from deep within.

Following just a few months in the corporate 9-5 office life (that’s all I could handle!!) I took a huge risk and jumped on a plane to Costa Rica to do my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

I mean, literally, I had hardly ever done any yoga, one of my besties messaged asked if I wanted to join her for this and honestly without really thinking about it, I said ER YES!! I also had very little money, so had to borrow the money and just make it work.

Even though it seemed like such a risk, there was something within me that knew this was the path I was meant to pursue, so it was a very easy decision. It is this that is the crux of my work; tuning in, listening to that place within you, it is far more powerful and knows so much better than your monkey mind. That place is your gut, your intuition.

Since then I have done over 300 hours of advanced teacher trainings and workshops around the world, with the likes of Godfrey Devreux and Norman Blair and developed a dedicated and consistent yoga practice.
I’ve taught classes and workshops in boutique London venues, festivals, on retreats around the world.

More recently I continued my Psychology studies with the Marisa Peer School and certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2021, after training in Rapid Transformational Therapy.
I’ve given therapy since to hundreds of people in group and private settings, both on and offline. I’ve lectured at schools and colleges.

My work fills me with joy, purpose and pure fulfilment. Every single day I am helping people find freedom, so they can become the best versions of themselves, and it lights me up from the inside. I hope my passion shines through, and that I can be of service to YOU.

There is a place within you that already knows you are enough, that already knows you are whole and complete, just as you are.
Connect to it, listen to it, let it guide you.

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