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This brand new offering uses a blend of powerful Mind and Body practices to help you make profound shifts and changes from the inside out.

Using Psychology, RTT, elements of CBT, Coaching, Meditation, Visualisation, Breathwork, Yoga, Journalling and many more are just some of the things that are used and taught in this programme, to invite a deep dive of self reflection and self awareness.

The goal of Thrive and Transform is for you to heal your relationship to yourself from the inside out, mind and body.

Teaching you to manage your inner critic – the voice in your head that makes you feel not enough, so you can speak to yourself kindly and be your biggest cheer leader.

You’ll also learn how to connect to your body in a way that’ll make you appreciate it on such a deep level.

You’ll develop the necessary tools and techniques to self regulate, self soothe, and deal with the things that come your way.

A 12-week Mind and Body programme, with weekly meets and so much added extras to do at your own pace.

Each week will cover a different theme, a deep dive incorporating movement, meditation and self reflection.

You’ll get:

– Pre recorded meditations

– Pre recording hypnotherapy audios

– A work book to guide yourself through the process

– Daily rituals to take into your every day

– A safe space to release, grow and transform

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Thrive & Transform

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