My top tips for the best nights sleep & a yoga video for before bed time

Now that we’re approaching those dreamy English summer time long and light evenings, there are so many distractions for us to avoid getting the nourishing nights sleep we really, really need.

But we all know if we go to sleep with the same energy we approach the day; rushing, wired, busy, stressed etc, then we will fail to get that deep REM sleep, which is probably the most important thing our bodies need – even more important than water, diet and exercise!

So to set yourself up for a gorgeously deep sleep is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Matthew Walker, top Sleep Psychologist and author of the best selling book ‘Why We Sleep’ (highly recommend you reading this) cleverly calls setting yourself up for sleep as ‘sleep foreplay.’ 

It can be putting some candles on, playing relaxing music, smelling essential oils or spraying them over your bed sheets, dim lighting (I recommend getting a Himalayan salt crystal lamp), staying away from any blue lights, which include your phone, TV or laptop.

Another thing I love to do before going to sleep is a few yoga poses, which enable me to come back to the breath, and really ground myself after a long day. I use the yoga to go inward, slow everything down, let whatever has happened that day or anything I have to do the following day melt away, and always seem to find magic in the stillness. 

So if you’re one of those people that wonders why you didn’t sleep well last night, or just generally have trouble sleeping, perhaps you aren’t doing the right things at the moment to set yourself up right?

I promise you, just a few of these things will make such a big difference. 

Whilst you’re doing the yoga in the video, perhaps you could start implementing some of the things mentioned above too – it’ll be the best nights sleep you’ve ever had.


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Why yoga in the morning is the best thing you can do for your mind and body

What do dogs do first thing in the morning when they wake up? 

A downward facing dog obviously!! (it’s not called that for nothing) 

These clever creatures know exactly what their body needs to set themselves up for the day.

They are just simply moving in an extremely intuitive way. 

I am a huge believer in the magic of some early morning yoga, because it is exactly what the body needs at that time. 

It’s in the morning that our body holds the most amount of tension, tightness and stiffness from a full nights sleep.

For some time now I have been waking up to a morning yoga practice, even if I can only fit in 5 minutes! 

It leaves you feeling that much lighter, softer, open and ready to take on the day ahead. 

That is why I have put together a very short and simple gentle morning yoga sequence for you to follow whenever you would like. 

Use this as a foundation to begin your morning practice and then start to introduce your own twist to it as and when you start to feel more confident.

Make sure you spend a few minutes before in stillness focusing on the breath, simply breathing in through the nose deeply, out through the nose deeply.

Enjoy and hope to see you on the mat soon X

What is your intention?

On return from magical Morocco things feel the same yet totally different. Traveling somewhere new, seeing a completely different way of life and culture always leaves me feeling different. It is not ‘life changing’, but it does change your life, even slightly. And isn’t that a beautiful thing!

You now have the gift of all the new things you’ve seen, people you have met, places you’ve been and memories made in your mind (and in this day and age Facebook pictures too!!) accessible to you at any time you want it.

It got me thinking and has totally inspired me to start a little blog to discuss topics that I think about on a daily basis.

I’ve been teaching yoga now just over a year. Through my classes I am sharing this beautiful practice and beautiful way of moving to many many people.

But yoga is so much more than what we do in class…

It is a way of connecting deeply and intimately to the body and to the breath. It is a way of truly experiencing yourself and how you feel in that moment, good or bad.
Not bothering to compare yourself to other people in the class because all that matters is what your doing, not worrying that you may not be able to get into a certain position because where you are now is where you are now and that is absolutely perfectly fine.

It is all the things we do on the mat that can then be translated to things we do off the mat – i.e. the way we live our lives.
If we can learn to practice yoga in a state of flow, we can learn to live our lives in a state of flow.
Flow may mean something different to each of us, whether it’s making the right decisions, feeling happy and confident in everything we do, how we approach challenges…the list goes on. But, it is all in our power to define.

And THAT is the beauty and essence of yoga that I hope to get across in my classes. Not just how to perfect a downward dog (although this feels very very nice).

So whether you come to my classes regularly or on just a fleeting basis, I ask you this…

Why do you do yoga?
Why do you like yoga?
What draws you to come back?
What is your intention?

Ask yourself…
Take some deep yogic breaths…
Inhaling for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, exhaling for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….
Repeat 5 times.

Then re ask yourself…

Keep it to yourself or even better share it with me. But I think it is important for you to know your why, to be clear of your intention.

Lots of love and downward dogs and Namaste’s x x