I Am Enough Online Programme

SO excited to share this BREATH BODY MIND online programme, packed with incredible tools and techniques to leave you feeling completely enough, just as you are.

There are breathing classes, meditations, yoga classes, powerful lessons on the mind, an intro to hypnosis and some amazing visualisation meditations. So much content to help YOU that you’ll have for the rest of your life.

It is based on everything I have learnt in yoga and Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer.

Click HERE to buy the programme as a whole for LESS than £60.

It is also available to buy in bitesize sections to make it more affordable and accessible for you.

Check out the BREATH section for LESS than £25.
Check out the BODY section for LESS than £10.
Check out the MIND section for LESS than £25.

With every purchase you will receive the added bonus content for FREE.

I hope you can join me on your I Am Enough journey.

LOVE, Grace xx

I Am Enough online programme

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