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Talking with friends, family and some very inspirational people about all things related to mind and body.
Weaving in my personal life experiences, with my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher to help you navigate through your daily lives. 
Join in on these juicy conversations and let them help you realise your true potential, your wholeness and completeness, just as you are.
Season 1 was all around mantra I Am Enough, helping you understand the importance of feeling enough.
Season 2 will involve more well-rounded conversation with many solo episodes and an array of special guests.
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Finally, a podcast series that really gets you thinking. So many these days are mindless ramblings but there’s a lot of sense (the obvious and the not so obvious) in these episodes.

Give at least one a try – you’ll be hooked. Many of the episodes to date have been a perfect blend of lighthearted humour as well as touching on some of of the more difficult and often taboo topics that so many of us face in life – striking that balance is a tough act to follow.

I can’t wait to see where this journey goes as topics develop; there’s just so many thought provoking discussion points to be taken away from every episode. All you need to do is subscribe, listen & keep an open mind. Wherever you are.

5/5 – Keep up the great chat, Grace!

Phill Hall

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