Grace McGeehan talking all things
I Am Enough

Each week I’ll be chatting to friends, family and people in my life who generally really inspire me, all about the importance of feeling enough in a world where too many of us feel not enough.

Blending my personal experiences with yoga philosophy, my Psychology and Hypnotherapy studies with the wisdom of others to hopefully help you during these difficult times and beyond.

I’m so excited but also no idea how all of this works!! So give me a follow, listen, like, share, review as I continue to launch upcoming episodes and join me on the #IAMENOUGH journey.

EPISODE 1: Where it all started

For my first episode, I’m flying solo! I’ll be talking about my journey on feeling enough and where it all began. I share some of the very useful lessons I’ve learnt and am still learning, based on the fundamental concepts of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a method developed by Marisa Peer.

EPISODE 2: with Jamie Clements

I wanted Jamie on the show because of his passion on men’s mental health. Having 2 beautiful little big brothers myself, I obviously think this is a very important topic. Jamie encapsulates it so nicely here as we talk about:

🧠 what being ‘man enough’ really means
🧠 the masculine and feminine traits that lie within us all,
🧠 how this feeds into relationships and dating
🧠 and so much more…

EPISODE 3: with Annalie Howling

Everything that Annalie says is GOLD! In this episode we discuss:

✨ lessons learnt from lockdown
✨ the importance of receiving
✨ learning to not just love but like yourself
✨ burnout
✨ and a lot a lot more…

EPISODE 4: with Sophia Butt

A timely episode with the amazing anaesthetist and NHS doctor Sophia to discuss the impacts of Covid-19 on the Doctor’s and Nurse’s mental health. As we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the pathway out of lockdown is getting clearer I wanted to chat with Sophia as this conversation is ever more relevant and necessary.

I don’t know about you but it’s so easy to forget how hard the NHS are all working and how in the thick of it they have been over the last year!
And it was my intention to remind us all of that with this episode.

BUT…it is very pleasing to hear Sophia talk about the many positives that can be taken from this whole thing.

EPISODE 5: a minisode

A short & sweet minisode, addressing going back to normal life post-lockdown; an exciting time but come on let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the slight concerns, apprehensions and anxieties around all of this, which I’m sure many are feeling.

Here I offer some valuable tools to help you overcome anything you may be feeling during this hugely transitional time. Remember ALL feelings are valid and the more we talk, the more we realise we are not alone and we are enough!!!

EPISODE 6: with Andrea Ferrari

Come and listen to me chat to my kindred spirit and real life fairy Godmother – Andrea Ferrari [also @howdeliciousisnow]. This amazing woman has lived such a rich and full life, with so much wisdom and knowledge to share from her experiences, I’m excited for you to soak some of her magic up.

EPISODE 7: human doing vs. human being

a bonus minisode with myself talking about the difference between a HUMAN BEING and a HUMAN DOING – short and sweet but oh so important!

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EPISODE 8: with Gaby Gambina

This episode all about the ancient science that is AYURVEDA with the amazing Gaby Gambina [also @gabygamb].
Born in India over 3000 years ago, Ayurveda is something I’ve been fascinated by for years, so of course I was very keen to share its magic with you guys on the podcast. If you want to learn about it then absorb Gaby’s incredible knowledge in this very special episode.

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