Podcast, Season 2: Listen Now


“I came to Grace at a point in my life where I felt I had lost control of all life’s major components: work, relationship, family and friends. I had taken on too much and didn’t know what I could let go of, or even what mattered to me. Without Grace’s therapy programme I would, undoubtedly, be stuck in the same cycle that had drained me for months.
With Grace’s help I was able to step back and identify the root cause of my unhappiness. With the benefit of hindsight I realise that authentic introspective reflection has never been a skill of mine, neither was being honest with myself – I was afraid of pursuing what I wanted for fear of upsetting others.
I don’t have enough kind words for Grace, but if I could recommend her in one sentence: Grace’s skill is in empowering your emotional self-awareness in a way that goes beyond her sessions; you are taught a skill for life and one that I will always be grateful for.”

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