Podcast, Season 2: Listen Now


“Grace worked with me on making some positive changes. She looked at what I wanted to accomplish and helped me to realize that goal. There was a gap between me and my gut instinct that wasn’t working for me and we looked at the root cause of this and a new more powerful way of connecting with myself.
The results are fantastic, I feel more confident in myself and more connected to my gut and my inner voice. This has shown itself in being more focused at work, more connected in cycling (my favourite hobby) and given me a sense of calm in what would otherwise be stressful situations.
One of the great results of the process was that I found that my body is always talking to me to help me and when I listen, I get real insights into myself. Recently, I was feeling incredibly nervous about taking my driving test and using one of the recordings that Grace gave me, I was able to ground myself, find my inner connection and confidence and overcome the self doubt I was experiencing.
The result was that everything clicked into place in a seamless way and I passed. This is just one example of how the work we did has had a positive effect on my life.
I recommend working with Grace if you’re looking for a positive change.”

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