Podcast, Season 2: Listen Now


“Grace created a life changing experience for me. I have suffered from panic attacks for 15+ years and have found varying degrees of relief from countless therapists, psychologists, herbalists, and general medical practitioners. I have spent hours upon hours on couches talking about the source of my anxiety and how to stop my panic attacks. Until meeting Grace through Myndup I had never tried hypnotherapy. I was admittedly apprehensive but thought what do I have to lose? Grace did a great job of setting expectations up front and explaining what were going to do in our sessions together. For someone that didn’t really know what they were getting into this helped tremendously. In the sessions, the deep state of peace and relaxation that she was able to bring me to was something I had never experienced before. I have always somewhat struggled with meditation but with Grace it just felt simple, safe, and relaxing. I think the most amazing part of the work we did together was that she was able to trigger a perception shift on how I viewed my anxiety, but also my life in general. She opened my eyes is a very gentle way to all the good things in my life and provided me with a different way to look at the problems that have troubled me. It is like she is guide showing you the things that you cannot see for yourself. The result was more impactful than all 15 years of therapy I have had up until that point. At the end of my sessions with Grace she provided a recording of a session that I have since listened to daily. What an amazing gift every morning to start my day. My anxiety has been greatly reduced with this simple practice. I have since joked with Grace that she needs to start and app because the entire world needs to hear to soothing sound of her voice. It isn’t a joke, she really is that good and gifted in what she does. I told her if I was venture capitalist I would fund the building of an app and wipe Headspace and Calm off the map! That is how good she is, and I have personally listened to these apps for years. I feel indebted to Grace for the help she provided me, which is why I wanted to share this review for anyone that may be considering working with her. Do it! You will thank yourself in a few short sessions that you did. Thank you Grace, finding you has been godsend.”

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