Podcast, Season 2: Listen Now


“Finding Grace and having this experience with someone so compassionate and grounded I feel immensely grateful. If I look back at how I felt before embarking on this Thrive RTT therapy, I felt boxed in and unable to turn. I can truly say the experience has been life-changing and remarkable. I feel open, light, and calmly at peace. Every day I have a stronger desire and hope in myself and my capacity to find what I need in life. My confidence has grown. I quite literally feel rejuvenated.
I would recommend this experience to anyone who feels stuck and unable to move forwards. For me to go deeply into understanding myself and healing from outdated beliefs that have limited me has been so powerful. It’s as if a light has been switched on in a room I had tried to forget. To understand and see things so clearly has had the most amazing impact on my daily life. I feel a joy and optimism deep within which feels unwavering. I am so glad I found Grace and made the decision to do this.”

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