Podcast, Season 2: Listen Now


“I have been engaged in therapy for several years, and since last year, I have found that my sessions with Grace have been the most effective. It’s not to say that my previous therapy experiences were inadequate, but Grace’s approach has truly been the pinnacle of my healing journey. Through hypnotherapy, I have managed to establish a profound connection with my inner child, gaining a deeper understanding of my family dynamics, my past experiences, and my current situation. This therapeutic modality has provided me with a fresh perspective on my life, empowering me to tackle familial challenges with newfound strength. I have learned to give more of myself when necessary, while also setting healthy boundaries. Following the hypnotherapy sessions, I made the decision to continue working with Grace, as she is helping me unravel the remaining fragments that have kept me somewhat disconnected from my true self. Witnessing the effectiveness of our sessions, I have observed a remarkable transformation taking place within my brain and my entire being. Grace’s guidance has been instrumental in addressing my past, fostering self-acceptance, and assisting me in the process of personal growth and self-improvement.”

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