Podcast, Season 2: Listen Now


“Having practiced many kinds of self-care over the years including yoga, meditation, exercise and journaling, I often felt ‘stuck’.  Despite the fact that my self-care practices really grounded me and I had a greater level of conscious awareness, I was never quite able to get to the root of where my belief systems stemmed from. I had considered RTT for about 18 months and I’m so glad that I took the plunge to commit to it.

Grace has a professional and empathetic approach to each session. After an initial consultation, we agreed on a number of sessions to work through her Thrive programme which is informative, progressive and personalised. I really felt like a made progress in each session and between sessions.

Taking the time to explore my inner child and using centering exercises to understand what a higher version of myself could look like was powerful and hugely insightful and I slowly began to feel un-stuck.

Grace is gentle yet able to softly nudge you to the next level of self-awareness. Grace allowed me to realise that the mind will do anything I tell it to and now is the time to cultivate a vision of what I want – which in turn has led to an improved relationship with myself.

Making this investment in myself was more than worth it as I now have an array of resources as well as two recordings to go back to time and time again to remind me that I am enough 🙂

I would highly recommend Grace and her work.”

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