Podcast, Season 2: Listen Now


“I am so pleased I stumbled across Grace’s page and got in touch with her! It was a new way of unravelling the troubles and fear, and in doing so, instead of feeling like my anxiety was who I am, it made me realise it’s just a small part of me, which I am strong enough to overcome.
Whenever people asked me how things were going with the work with Grace, the best way I could explain it was that the constant daily niggling thoughts of self doubt I had, had suddenly quietened down. Which is a huge thing!
Grace shows you how to switch your thinking and puts goals in place to work towards, in order for you to feel like you are in control of yourself, rather than being ruled by your anxiety.
More importantly, she makes you realise  that you are deserving of what you want in life.
When you share with Grace your good days, she’s your hype girl, and on your down days, she pulls you back to reality and puts you back on track.
Grace is the loveliest person to do that journey with, each meeting was like having a tea with a friend and feeling positive about the next steps. I can’t recommend Grace enough.”

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