Thai Yoga Massage

This Thai Yoga Massage is like no other. After 3 years of performing this massage I have proudly constructed my own technique through combining the massage training with my yoga skills to create a heavenly yet unique experience for my clients. It includes deep breathing, elements of meditation, full body soft tissue manipulation through the palm pressing technique and assisted stretching to leave you feeling calmer, lighter and stretched.

You can trust that I am intuitively able to pick up on exactly what your body needs and where it needs it.

I will work on special points throughout the body to relieve physical tension, and create a calm, relaxing and safe space for you to release any mental tension simultaneously.

Other benefits of Thai Yoga Massage is improving blood circulation and increasing flexibility, without you having to do anything!

The massage is performed on the floor using 2 yoga mats. You are fully clothed, but I do ask you to remove all jewellery. I use various delicious smelling essential oils and soft, gentle music to make the experience extra special.

As you know I am all about self love and strongly believe that given our busy lifestyles and the fact that most of us are rushing around from one thing to the next, often with a million and one things to do at once, we should give ourselves the time and luxury of at least one massage a month! It’s not a case of being able to afford it, it’s a case of prioritising it as an important thing to do for yourself. So go on, treat yourself…

Please contact me for more information & to book in.

“Never had a Thai yoga massage before … And was so pleasantly surprised how different it was to any other massage I have had …. Felt so therapeutic and relaxing for the mind and body … I seriously cannot recommend this treatment enough …” Sarah Wright.

“Gracie is a skilled practitioner of Thai yoga massage. After completing a yoga class, it feels wonderfully calming and restorative to receive a massage treatment. Gracie is in tune with my niggles and instinctively knows where my knots are and how much pressure to apply to aid my recovery. She makes sure I take time to consolidate my practice and I find the day after a Thai massage, my aches and pains have gone.”