Podcast Season 2, Episode 3: The Power of Your Breath with Jamie Clements


After studying Psychology (BSC) at the University of Exeter, I certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Marisa Peer School, training in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

My Therapy includes a powerful blend of studies through the years: elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Coaching, powerful guided Meditations and a strong emphasis on Hypnotherapy.

The combination of these tools allows you to look at the day-to-day, short term changes that can be made, and of course on a more long term basis you will go back to the past, determine what the root cause of your problem is and understand exactly how, why, where and when it came about in the first place.

This will give you a great level of understanding, and this understanding is power. It is this understanding that will free you, and help to rapidly transform your thought patterns to more positive and beneficial ones, that will take you towards your ultimate goal.

The power of your thoughts

Your thoughts create your beliefs, which create your feelings, which create your behaviours. So to change a habit or behaviour you dislike, you must change the underlying habit of thinking that runs it. It all comes from your thoughts. And this is the basis of the work we will do together.

My therapy is by no means a quick fix, there is no such thing, but it works very differently to other more traditional forms of therapy by unravelling the underlying thought patterns that are leading to your problems.

Maybe you think….

“I’m not enough”
“No one will ever love me”
“I’m not worthy of that”
“I don’t deserve that”

And you may have had these thoughts for so many years, that you’ve actually started to believe them. So they caused you to have anxiety, feel stressed, feel depressed, develop addiction, disordered eating etc. It is these thoughts that we must work to change.


These thoughts are pushed from our conscious, thinking mind into our subconscious – they live beneath the surface. So we are unaware of them on a day to day basis. They affect us without us even realising and become automatic habits of thoughts.

Hypnosis works to awaken the subconscious mind and quieten the conscious mind, so we can unravel  what is really and truly holding us back. It is a form of deep relaxation, a sleep of the nervous system – nothing more and nothing less, and allows you to go deep into an awareness of yourself – your true self!

When you are in a hypnotic state, we use a tool called regression to go back to the scenes or events that happened early on in your life, that led you to think, feel and believe what you do today. It doesn’t matter what has happened to you, what matters is how that made you feel. But you didn’t know then what you know now. So how you responded to those things in the past as a child is very different to how you would respond now, as an adult. So we must figure out all of this and bring it to your awareness, so that you can un-think those thoughts, un-believe those beliefs and therefore free yourself.

You’ll receive a very powerful, personalised recording to listen to at the end of a hypnotherapy session, that will help you to recode, rewire and reframe your thoughts and beliefs. You’ll listen to this every single day for 21 days and feel the transformations take place.

CBT, Coaching and Meditation

I use elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Coaching in your initial sessions to help determine what the problem is and what the underlying thoughts are.

You’ll leave with loads of valuable tools and techniques to help you overcome your problem on a more day-to-day basis. Things like meditations, creating a daily ritual / practice, affirmations, mantras, how to exercise the positivity muscle in your mind…
You’ll get to understand exactly how the mind works and some of the things you can start doing TODAY to take control of it.

You’ll also be guided through various meditations that will help you go inward, connect to you and find the answers you need.

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