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I'm Grace

Here to help you clear the blocks that are stopping you from achieving your goals, so you can heal your relationship with YOU and think, feel and behave as the best version of yourself.

Using various holistic, well-balanced mind and body practices, guiding you to your transformation.

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Therapy & Yoga

Take a look through my various Therapy and Yoga offerings.  


Talking with friends, family members and some very inspirational people about all things related to mind and body.
Weaving in my personal life experiences, with my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher to help you navigate through your daily lives. 

Join in on these juicy conversations and let them help you realise your true potential, your wholeness and enoughness.

Season 1 was all around mantra I Am Enough, helping you understand the importance of feeling enough. Season 2 were more well-rounded conversation with many solo episodes and an array of special guests.

Please take time to listen, and if you enjoyed or found value in any of the episodes, share with others who may benefit, rate and review!


Here are a range of testimonials from previous clients – discover what my clients experienced after working one on one with me.

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