Hello, I’m Grace. And I have 3 magic words for you: You, Are, Enough <3

I’m a Psychology Graduate and dedicated yogi, combining my knowledge of, and passion for, the mind and the body, dedicated to helping YOU feel like you are enough in this world.

I’m also incredibly vulnerable, an introvert, a geek at heart, a lover of hot milk most nights before bed time, I love dancing, singing, writing, creating, inspiring, teaching, running, laughing….
But my most favourite thing of all, is feeling like I am enough.

You are #Enough

There are so many words to describe YOU, but enough, that is the most important one of all.
Now let me tell you why.

Have the words “I am not enough” ever crossed your mind?
Good enough
Pretty enough
Thin enough
Funny enough
Smart enough
Confident enough
Smart enough
Tall enough
Heck…small enough!
Sexy enough
Worthy enough
Rich enough
Young enough
Old enough
No, I can’t do that, I am not good enough.

Me too.
1 million and 1 more times than I can remember.
And I believe this idea to be one of the most crippling, damaging, self destructive ones alive.
And let me tell you why…

Has this feeling ever led you to depriving yourself of things simply because you don’t think you deserve them. Things like food, money, love or even sex…

Or perhaps this feeling has led you to feel so empty that you feel you need to fill a void somehow, so you binge on things like (you guessed it!) food, money, love, sex, and let’s add alcohol to the mix on this one.

Trust me, I know.
I have been there.
To both ends of the spectrum, the extreme self deprivation and the extreme over indulgence.
And it was not pretty, oh no.

Feeding ourselves with these words leads to damaging relationships with not just ourselves but with everyone else around us.

It stops us from finding the magic that lies within each and every one of us.
It stops us from chasing our dreams.
It stops us from allowing ourselves to receive, or give for that matter.
It stops us from being the absolute best versions of ourselves.

And what sort of life is that?

Well, in my experience, it’s not a life.
It’s a form of imprisonment.
And one that WE ACTIVELY CHOSE to put ourselves in.

So, my darling, it’s time to run wild amongst the trees, it’s time to get your toes dirty in the sand, it’s time to let the wind blow in your hair, it’s time to laugh so hard it hurts your belly, it’s time to set yourself free from this prison and say:


My Story

“You have hidden treasures within you, and so do I, and so does everyone else around us.” Elizabeth Gilbert, my favourite author, and just a general gem.

Ahh, this gives me chills every single time I read it. And it has taken me a long, painful 25 years to truly believe this to be true.

Because for as long as I can remember, I never felt like I was enough.
From school teachers telling my I wasn’t clever enough, boys in college telling me I wasn’t pretty enough…
I remember once thinking to myself ‘you’re not even good enough to be anorexic!’ which, big shock, led to an eating disorder, at both ends of the spectrum.

It led me to abusing alcohol on many occasions and pretty much treating my body like a dustbin.

It led me to bouts of feeling so low about myself, anxiety, questioning myself, comparing myself…

After years of struggling with this myself, my studies of Psychology and having a huge interest in the mind stuff, I decided to do my yoga teacher training, and from there I set up a successful yoga business in 2015.
But still, I didn’t feel enough.

It was only on a trip to Bali at the beginning of 2019, where I was on a quest to fall in love, with myself, where I realised that it was THIS that was holding me back.

And in this moment of realisation, my whole life changed.


And if I could think like this every single day of my life, then anything and everything would be possible.

Now, I am not saying we should all book a trip to Bali, but I am saying that I’ve learnt the tricks and tools to help YOU release YOURSELF from this torture and live your life!

Today, I feel free, liberated, full of energy, like I can achieve anything I want to, I feel important, worthy, valuable…

I feel enough.

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Positively impacting

“Yoga with Grace was the constant; each class left me feeling grounded, strong and calm. She goes beyond the flow, my strength and flexibility.” Beth

“If I was writing a letter to my younger 20 something self I would say  ‘practice yoga with Gracie now’ and this is why……When travelling I try to get to a yoga class and haven’t yet met a teacher as good as Grace. I may be biased as Grace is now a friend but it’s true; every city should have a Grace. I am not alone in thinking this as her classes are full of all ages and experience levels.” Sam.

Grace – you were made to do yoga because you commanded the room so well. And then thank God if I do ever train myself I will have the ultimate yogi guru to mentor me.” Amy.

“That was utterly heavenly, Grace you really are a very special yoga person.” Amanda. 

“Grace has introduced me to a whole new world. I never thought I would say this but I am a yoga addict!” Bella.

“I have been recovering from an acute nerve illness that led me to needing 1:1 yoga classes. Grace’s coaching of poses, breathing, stretching and strengthening has been fantastic. What impresses me the most is how Grace listens to how I am on the day and tailors the practice to me perfectly. She knows exactly what positions will benefit me the most. Grace is calm, patient, kind and lovely to spend time with. She builds my confidence, encourages me and challenges me all in ways that by the end of the practice leave me feeling a better version of me.” Mark. 

“Grace’s experience and mastery of her craft are immediately evident in the way she teaches our after-work classes. She creates such a relaxing and special atmosphere and her genuine commitment to helping us progress and relax is inspiring.” Anne Scott PR Agency.


Please get in touch, I would looooove to see if we can work together 🙂