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Imagine feeling completely connected to your BREATH, BODY and MIND.
How would this ‘inner trinity’ transform your life?
Being connected, centred, grounded, controlled, empowered, calm, aware, present, and conscious of a deep sense of you, and of everything you have in your life being enough…are just a few of the benefits.

My name is Grace McGeehan and I teach the tools and techniques to help you connect to these three things, through Rapid Transformational Therapy and Yoga.

Take a look through my website to check out the various different Rapid Transformational Therapy and yoga offerings.
If you have any questions at all please contact me or book in for a free consultation to see how we could work together.
I live in Richmond, London and have a base in Thames Ditton, Surrey. I also work online with clients from all around the world.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy

After graduating from the University of Exeter with a Psychology degree, I am now a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, with 1 years Continued Professional Development (CPD).

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Rapid Transformational Therapy

Please see here for more information on Rapid Transformational Therapy.
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My Story

Yoga with Grace x

After completing a life changing yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, November 2016, I have since trained in over 200 further hours of other forms of yoga: Vinyasa, Yin and Dynamic, with world class teachers such as Norman Blair and Godfrey Devereux. I am based in Richmond, London, Cobham, Surrey and surrounding. You can also catch me online via Zoom.
More recently I have become a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist in Rapid Transformational Therapy. Click here to find out more about this.

My Story

Yoga has been so beneficial for me in many different ways, so it is now my mission to share these benefits with as many people as possible.

If you are new to yoga then please don’t let anything put you off! I was SO tight and inflexible, and SO far away from being able to touch my toes. I had no clue what half the positions were in class and found downward facing dog excruciating. To be completely honest I really, really struggled with yoga and couldn’t get much enjoyment from it AT ALL!!

The key to yoga = Practice Practice Practice

As with anything in life, practice, patience and persistence allows you to experience just how amazing yoga is for the body but also the mind.

My yoga practice helps me to come back to my breath, back to the present moment, coming away from the past or the future. This presence helps me come back to my essence, unhurried, un-rushed, grounded and connected. And the more we can feel this on the yoga mat, the more learn and practice to feel it off the mat in our every day lives.

If you would like to come and practice with me, please see my schedule – online, in Richmond, London, Surrey and Cobham surrounding areas.

Yoga Testimonials

“Yoga with Grace was the constant; each class left me feeling grounded, strong and calm. She goes beyond the flow, my strength and flexibility.” Beth, London.

“If I was writing a letter to my younger 20-something self I would say  ‘practice yoga with Gracie now’ and this is why…I haven’t yet met a teacher as good as Grace, every city should have a Grace. I am not alone in thinking this as her classes are full of all ages and experience levels.” Sam, Richmond.

“Grace has introduced me to a whole new world. I never thought I would say this but I am a yoga addict!” Bella, Surrey.

Grace is calm, patient, kind and lovely to spend time with. She builds my confidence, encourages me and challenges me in all ways that by the end of the practice leaves me feeling a better version of me.” Mark, Surrey.

“Grace’s experience and mastery of her craft are immediately evident in the way she teaches our after-work classes. She creates such a relaxing and special atmosphere and her genuine commitment to helping us progress and relax is inspiring.” Anne Scott PR Agency, London.

“Gracie has an extraordinary knowledge & unique blend of movement during a yoga practice & a deep spiritual, mindful connection that elevates working with her to another level.
Through movement, breath, physical release and intention setting and her intuitive guidance Gracie created a totally safe & unique experience leaving body and mind & consciousness in perfect harmony.” Annalie Casa, founder of Incasa Consulting Ltd
, Cobham.

Yoga: I offer a variety of regular yoga classes. Contact me for more information.

Thai Yoga Massage

I also offer Thai Yoga Massage, which is a deeply relaxing and restorative, whole body experience.
Some call it lazy mans yoga. I guide you through deep breathing, elements of meditation, palm pressing and assisted stretching. You will leave feeling calmer, lighter and stretched.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

I will work on special points throughout the body in order to relieve physical tension and create a relaxing, safe space for you to release any mental or physical tension.

How my Thai Yoga Massage works

The massage is performed on the floor using two yoga mats. You are fully clothed, but I do ask you to remove all jewellery. I use essential oils and soft music to make the experience extra special.

I strongly believe that given our busy lifestyles, we should give ourselves the time and luxury of massage. So go on, treat yourself…

contact me for more information & to book in.


“Never had a Thai Yoga Massage before … and was so pleasantly surprised how different it was to any other massage I have had …. felt so therapeutic and relaxing for the mind and body … I seriously cannot recommend this treatment enough.”

“Gracie is a skilled practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage. After completing a yoga class, it feels wonderfully calming and restorative to receive a massage treatment. Gracie is in tune with my niggles and instinctively knows where my knots are and how much pressure to apply to aid my recovery. She makes sure I take time to consolidate my practice and I find the day after a Thai massage, my aches and pains have gone.”

Rapid Transformational Therapy Programmes

BOOK IN for a Rapid Transformational Therapy consultation to discuss the various RTT programmes I offer.

1) Single Rapid Transformational Therapy

After our initial consultation, you’ll fill out some forms in preparation for our session together.
The RTT session takes 90 minutes – 2 hours.
I will guide you through hypnosis (hypnotherapy) and use various other tools to dig deep beneath the surface, helping to unravel the cause of your issue.
You’ll get a 15-20 minute recording, which you’ll listen to every day for 21 days.
With weekly RTT check-ins on Day 7, Day 14 and Day 21.
The RTT process, from A to B is 21 days. I will support you throughout.
A minimum of 1 RTT session is required, and a maximum of 3. This is something we can discuss during a consultation.

2) Thrive with Grace – 30 day RTT programme

This 30 day RTT programme, will give you everything mentioned above, just with more support and guidance. It will take you from surviving to thriving in just 30 days.
Blending online learning with face to face Rapid Transformational Therapy (if you wish).
The first 7 days of this RTT programme, you’ll get daily lessons, homework and self reflections, based on the concepts and principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy.
These give you powerful knowledge and understanding of how the mind works, how to control it and so much more. You can use this in relation to the specific issue we are working with and then relate it to other areas of your life.
Then we will do the Rapid Transformational Therapy session with the weekly check ins.
On day 30, I will then offer you an updated version of your recording, to take into your every day life.

What else is included in this RTT programme?
A personalised package of goodies in the post, made with nothing but LOVE from me to you x
p.s. it is a surprise!

21 days to overcome a bad habit in Rapid Transformational Therapy

It takes 21 days to overcome a bad habit. So by listening to the recording for this long you will recode, rewire and reframe your thoughts.

Whether you book in for a single Rapid Transformational Therapy session or the Thrive with Grace 30 day programme, it will get you from A to B.
You will leave with understanding, clarity and freedom.
You are investing in the outcome.

CLICK HERE for a free Rapid Transformational Therapy consultation to learn more about these RTT programmes.
Click here to read and watch about people’s experience of Rapid Transformational Therapy with me.

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