Thrive: based on Rapid Transformational Therapy

After certifying as a Rapid Transformational Therapist in early 2020, and now taken nearly 200 clients through the RTT method, I have designed and created my very own unique offering which will help to unblock what is holding you back: Thrive.

Predominantly based on Rapid Transformational Therapy / RTT, which is a style of Hypnotherapy, Thrive is a holistic journey to your transformation, combining everything I have studied and learnt over the years.

Rapid Transformational Therapy / RTT, developed by Marisa Peer draws upon the positive impacts of Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis, to have a transformative effect on clients and designed to deliver rapid, long lasting results. It’s certainly NOT a quick fix – there is no such thing – but, it does get results QUICK!

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The power of your thoughts & Rapid Transformational Therapy

Every habit of action is run by a habit of thought.

Our habits are what define us, the little things we do each day, the hundreds of the decisions we make moment to moment, really and truly make us who we are.

In order to change certain habits that are holding us back, we must address what the underlying thought is:
Perhaps I am not enough, I don’t deserve that job, I’m not worthy of love. The list goes on….

Rapid Transformational Therapy works by using Hypnosis to unravel the negative underlying thoughts and beliefs are holding us back and that ultimately determine the way we behave.
Once we know what these negative thoughts are we can do the work to transform them into more positive, powerful and beneficial ones.

This work is not easy! It takes willingness, time and lots of practice, but together and through this powerful programme Thrive, we can make big shifts.

There are 3 steps to Thriving

Thrive is a guided one-to-one programme that takes you from A to B. A is how you are feeling now, B is how you want to feel – thriving!

Designed to help you to develop self awareness and therefore a strong understanding of perhaps why you are how you are. From this place of understanding, you can more easily to the work to transform your words and thoughts to benefit you rather than hold you back.

So, here are some questions to ponder on…

Have you never really addressed your past pain or trauma? Has your life has been ruled by your anxiety, leaving you feeling stuck and wanting to be happy? Or maybe your relationship with yourself or things like your body, food, or other people has become an area that you want to create positive change.

My programme, THRIVE, can help you on this journey! Created in lockdown 2020, after completing my certification in Rapid Transformational Therapy with the Marisa Peer School, Thrive has now guided hundreds of people with many different issues on their path to freedom.

Overview of what you get:
– Initial conversational style sessions to go deeper and establish trust and connection
– Powerful guided Rapid Transformational Therapy / Hypnotherapy session
– Personalised recordings for you to listen to daily, working to rewire your thoughts
– Regular check-in’s throughout this time to assess your progress and any challenges you may face
– A safe space for you to open up and delve deep into what may be holding you back

As mentioned above, you will receive a very powerful, personalised recording to listen to at the end of the Rapid Transformational Therapy session, that works to reframe your thoughts and beliefs, by telling you wonderful and positive things about yourself. You’ll listen to this every single day for 21 days.

The array of valuable tools and techniques you will learn include; meditations, creating a daily ritual / practice, affirmations, mantras, how to exercise the positivity muscle in your mind and so much more. These are things you will easily be able to do in your own time.

You will leave this programme with:
* Clarity, awareness and understanding of yourself
* A toolbox of things to turn to when you need
* Freedom, lightness and a healthy relationship with yourself
* A belief that you are enough, just as you are

Awareness arises in the first few weeks of conversation, unravelling and unpicking the presenting problem.

Understanding comes through the Rapid Transformational Therapy session.

Transformation occurs as you listen to your personalised, powerful recording on a daily basis, to recode and rewire your current thought patterns.

Stop surviving, start thriving!

Join me on your journey to thriving

There are two options for this bespoke programme:

1) Over 30 days, with 1 talking session, the Rapid Transformational Therapy method, a personalised recording and 2 x check-ins.

2) 6-week option, with 3 sessions prior to the Rapid Transformational Therapy method followed by the personalised recording and 3 x weekly check-ins, plus an updated recording on completion of our time together.

Please read through past clients experiences by clicking here – I am not joking when I say this programme and this method has had an array of truly life changing results on hundreds of individuals!

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