Rapid Transformational Therapy Testimonials

Rapid Transformational Therapist: The Marisa Peer School

Here are a range of testimonials from previous clients. Watch and read to find out about their incredible and life changing experience of RTT with me. You can book in for a free online Rapid Transformational Therapy consultation to see if this may be for you, here.

Charlotte – RTT testimonial

“Since my RTT session with Grace there have been lots of positive shifting and I feel clearer in my mind and that I can handle anything that comes my way unlike before. 
The worry and fear I had which was effecting my every day life has been controlled and I’m dealing with it in a positive way and not worried or have anxiety over it no more. Listening to your recording every evening has massively shifted my mindset like you wouldn’t believe! 
Feeling so happy, confident, and have every faith in my future because of the treatment I received from you- making me realise what was causing the pain and the words of positivity in your recording makes me feel top of the world and i can deal with anything on my own with my son by my side, true friends and family members. 
She is a little magical buddah – a true gift and a beautiful person inside and out.”


Katie – RTT testimonial

Highly recommend Grace’s RTT Online session.
Grace knows how to create a safe space. I was very anxious but her calm attitude guided me through the process.
Felt lighter after the session and the recorded hypnosis she provided helped me a lot.
So connected with the weekly check ins. I love the soothing voice from grace and still listen to her audio tracks to feel less anxious, calm and centered.”
Sandra, Germany.

“Since my Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Grace, I have started to detach from my old habits and behaviour, creating new ones. I have gained a huge level of self-love and belief that I AM ENOUGH! It was life changing. Thank YOU.”

“RTT was completely new to me before Grace introduced me to it. I came to the session with little to no expectations. And what an amazing experience it was. Grace is able to hold such a safe space for you to truly relax and immerse yourself in each stage of the session. What’s so amazing about this kind of therapy is that you don’t have to commit yourself to years of weekly appointments.
Therefore the great thing about RTT with Grace is its power to dig deep so quickly. A really welcoming gift in a world where everyone is looking for a quick fix. You still have to put in the work, don’t underestimate that. But if it’s coming from a good place, and you have the wonderful Grace to support and guide you, you’ll get to where you want to a whole lot sooner as a result of this treatment. Thank you Grace!” 

I came to Rapid Transformational Therapy / RTT at a really challenging time in my life. Having had counselling several times, some of which was extremely beneficial, some not, I wanted to try a different approach. I am glad I did.
Despite having several issues I wanted to address, Grace created a session and resultant recording for me that covered everything I needed. Being able to listen to the key points of the session on a daily basis, really bolstered my self-belief.
Like most things in life it is an ongoing process, and you need to fully invest in the process, but, I have noticed a huge shift in how I deal with stress, how I treat myself and others at those points, namely with more kindness and patience. 
Everyone’s experience is unique but since my session I have been promoted, had the courage to change jobs and felt able to let go of certain events in my past that have held me back.


I have struggled with procrastination.  In my session Grace guided me back to events in my childhood that lead me to understand why I didn’t value my health and within a few days I had already reached my target of exercising 3 times a week . We worked on me feeling proactive and efficient and I can say it really works .
Grace is gentle, and compassionate and I feel enormously grateful to her and RTT for the amazing changes that are happening.


“RTT with Grace on emotional eating showed me how extremely experienced she is, with a natural gift of making you feel relaxed and safe. She was by far the best I’ve had.”

I had an amazing Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Grace to improve my ability to learn languages. Within the week I could feel a difference. I could remember all the new vocabulary much faster and easier. I was also getting better and more confident in the language class. Grace made me feel very comfortable throughout the session and gave me a recording made just for me which I love listening to! I feel like a language machine now and simply can not wait to learn new stuff. I could not recommend a session with Grace enough.

I decided to try rapid transformational therapy after speaking to a friend who had received the same treatment from Gracie and had seen great results. I was struggling with confidence when it came to changing my career and was eager to try this method to help me get to the root of my problem. 
Gracie was brilliant from the very beginning. She was really professional but also very down to earth which made me feel really comfortable throughout the session.
I would certainly recommend Gracie to anybody experiencing issues in their life which they are struggling to understand. She was great before, during and after the treatment. The support following my session was second to none. I’ve seen a massive improvement and am now able to move forward on my career path with confidence and cannot thank Gracie enough for this!


Grace definitely stood out from all the rest. I was instantly attracted to her alternative and relaxation approach with the yoga and Thai massage prior to the hypnotherapy, in my own home. 
The session was a truly wonderful experience. Grace is such a lovely, kind, caring individual that made me feel completely relaxed and at ease throughout. 
After 3 weeks of listening to the recording I definitely felt a big shift!
The old critic has vanished, I feel much happier and more at peace. Eating habits are greatly improved too.
A far better result in 3 weeks than I ever got from years of counselling. This stuff really works! 
If you’re considering RTT I would highly recommend Grace!
Everything about the whole experience was perfect and exactly what I was looking for!