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Here are a range of testimonials from previous clients – discover what my very special past clients experienced after working one on one with me.
It is my intention to develop a deep connection and strong relationship with my clients, and to create a safe and sacred space for them to feel comfortable with delving deep.

Anxiety and self confidence

“I have been engaged in therapy for several years, and since last year, I have found that my sessions with Grace have been the most effective. It’s not to say that my previous therapy experiences were inadequate, but Grace’s approach has truly been the pinnacle of my healing journey. Through hypnotherapy, I have managed to establish a profound connection with my inner child, gaining a deeper understanding of my family dynamics, my past experiences, and my current situation. This therapeutic modality has provided me with a fresh perspective on my life, empowering me to tackle familial challenges with newfound strength. I have learned to give more of myself when necessary, while also setting healthy boundaries. Following the hypnotherapy sessions, I made the decision to continue working with Grace, as she is helping me unravel the remaining fragments that have kept me somewhat disconnected from my true self. Witnessing the effectiveness of our sessions, I have observed a remarkable transformation taking place within my brain and my entire being. Grace’s guidance has been instrumental in addressing my past, fostering self-acceptance, and assisting me in the process of personal growth and self-improvement.”

“Thank you so much for what you are doing for both of us with your amazing sessions. Believe it or not getting a slight tear in my eye writing this as I am reporting still no headaches. Simply incredible and makes the quality of life so much better. Fingers crossed it continues…..if it does the headache pill manufacturers are going to hate you :-)”
Stop Smoking & cultivating healthy habits.

“I have completed a single hypnotherapy session with Grace, focusing on my smoking habit. While the issue hasn’t been completely resolved in just one session, the insights gained were valuable in understanding the triggers and underlying thoughts associated with the habit. Additionally, concrete actions were identified to address the problem. Since the session, I’ve noticed a decrease in smoking frequency, as well as improvements in other areas such as drinking habits, dietary choices, physical activity level, and career decisions. I am extremely satisfied with Grace’s work and the fast and measurable results achieved. Many thanks to her.”

Self confidence

“Finding Grace and having this experience with someone so compassionate and grounded I feel immensely grateful. If I look back at how I felt before embarking on this Thrive RTT therapy, I felt boxed in and unable to turn. I can truly say the experience has been life-changing and remarkable. I feel open, light, and calmly at peace. Every day I have a stronger desire and hope in myself and my capacity to find what I need in life. My confidence has grown. I quite literally feel rejuvenated.
I would recommend this experience to anyone who feels stuck and unable to move forwards. For me to go deeply into understanding myself and healing from outdated beliefs that have limited me has been so powerful. It’s as if a light has been switched on in a room I had tried to forget. To understand and see things so clearly has had the most amazing impact on my daily life. I feel a joy and optimism deep within which feels unwavering. I am so glad I found Grace and made the decision to do this.”

Self confidence & unhealthy habits

“I can’t recommend Grace enough, from the moment I had my first chat with her to now she has helped improved every aspect of my life. Not only was she adaptable, Grace was also challenging in a kind way. She is very gifted and I would like to thank her for getting me to a place I’ve always wanted to be. I admire her work and how she had made me overcome the biggest anxieties in my life. If you are looking for RTT you have found the right person.”

Self Love
“I can’t thank Grace and the thrive and transform programme enough. It has completely shifted my mindset and changed my life in the way I look at the world and hold myself.
By doing the techniques she taught me and committing to myself – and what makes me feel good – I have transformed my outlook and built great habits and routines.
Grace taught me not to be afraid of emotions because they all come and go – that is part of the beauty of life.”