Podcast Season 2, Episode 3: The Power of Your Breath with Jamie Clements


After completing a life changing Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica (November 2015), I have since trained in over 200 further hours of other forms of yoga: Vinyasa, Yin and Dynamic, with world class teachers such as Norman Blair and Godfrey Devereux.

My Story

Yoga has been so, incredibly beneficial for me in many different ways; mentally, physically and emotionally. It is now my passion and purpose to share these benefits with as many people as possible.

If you are new to yoga then please don’t let anything put you off! I was SO tight and inflexible, and SO far away from being able to touch my toes. I had no clue what half the positions were in class and found downward facing dog excruciating. To be completely honest I really, really struggled with yoga and couldn’t get much enjoyment from it AT ALL!!

The key to yoga = Practice Practice Practice

As with anything in life, practice, patience and persistence allows you to experience just how amazing yoga is for the body but also the mind.

My yoga practice helps me to come back to my breath, back to the present moment, coming away from the past or the future. This presence helps me come back to my essence, unhurried, unrushed, grounded and connected. And the more we can feel this on the yoga mat, the more learn and practice to feel it off the mat in our every day lives.

My classes are nourishing, yet challenging, encouraging you to move intuitively with your breath so you can connect with your beautiful body and disconnect from your monkey mind. I cater to all levels – those of you just starting out wanting to be introduced to the world of yoga, and those who already have a regular practice. I offer various online and face-to-face classes, check out my schedule and join me on the mat.

Yoga Classes

If you are interested in private yoga classes, contact me or book in for a free consultation to discuss how we can work together.
My 1-1 yoga classes allow you to delve deeper into your practice. I also incorporate Thai yoga massage to assist you in each shape.

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